Monrol is committed to improving and protecting patients’ health by providing innovative, high quality, reliable and superior Radiopharmaceutical products to our customers. Patients’ Health is our core value and holds primary significance in how we conduct business.


The management is accountable for the quality of the products and services delivered. All employees are fully engaged in producing and delivering the best quality products


Human life first

  • Develop a GMP, Quality and safety focused culture across the organization.
  • Embrace customer’s quality expectations in everything we do.
  • Anticipate market trends to provide appropriate solutions with our R&D team.
  • Ensure that all Monrol employees understand the customer and nuclear medicine industry needs.
  • Implement fast and effective action on customers’ quality concerns and regulatory needs with our Pharmacovigilance and medical affairs team.

Integrate Pharmaceutical and regulatory environment!

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable local and international regulations.
  • Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices certification and FANR certifications.
  • Ensure that employees understand all applicable regulations.

Develop our talent

  • All employees are fully engaged and actively involved in the Group’s quality objectives.
  • We create the necessary conditions to develop individual skills and facilitate best practices.
  • We treat all employees are the prime asset and committed to train them to increase their competencies and knowledge base

Strive toward zero defects

  • Implement continuous improvement culture and tools in the entire organization.
  • Perform regularly Quality Reviews and internal audits at site and at group level using data analysis to define quality roadmap.
  • Using systematic data driven problem-solving tools to increase process robustness.
  • Set targets to drive regular improvement of quality year on year.
  • Implement technologies to increase process robustness by eliminating all source of variations.
  • Sponsor and support new development tools, processes or technologies that lead to guaranteed “zero defects”.
  • Use FMEA, PHA, six sigma methodology to assess risks and implement robust mitigation.
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