The Mohamad & Obaid Almulla Group, an integral part of Dubai’s success story and one of the most respected business names in the UAE and the region, established and formalized Monrol UAE in 2010 to manufacture radiopharmaceuticals. The radiopharmaceutical industry, a rigorously regulated domain, is a critical healthcare industry segment, and Monrol UAE made a head start by being Dubai’s first commercial radiopharmaceutical manufacturer.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures we are at the forefront of radiopharmaceutical manufacturing. It has helped Monrol UAE achieve many triumphs in the decade-plus since its formal launch, guided by our core values of integrity, uncompromising quality, safety and passion for benchmark performance.

We are committed to saving lives by consistently meeting the needs of all UAE and regional healthcare entities, delivering the highest quality and safety of radiopharmaceuticals in compliance with national and international radiopharmaceutical industry standards.

We choose our people with care, ensuring they bring value to Monrol UAE with dedication and skills, and we are proud of their contributions to our success, growth and credibility.

Amer Salha
General Manager

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