Company Overview

Where science quality
& knowledge meet

The first radiopharmaceutical manufacturer in Dubai. Monrol-UAE was formally set up in 2010, producing a range of radioactive tracers, including 18F-sodium fluoride (18F-NaF), FDG, FLT, F-PSMA and F-DOPPA.

We keep abreast of industry breakthroughs and integrate the latest knowledge to manufacture our state-of-the-art radiopharmaceuticals. Our advanced Production and Quality Control Departments fully comply with MOH, GMP, GLP, and European Pharmacopeia regulations, guaranteeing the highest quality, safety and reliability. Our stringent quality control and regulatory compliance ensure product efficacy and purity always.

We understand the critical role of time-sensitive delivery of radiopharmaceuticals in health outcomes, and our in-house Research & Development (R&D) department follows a zero-delay performance policy, enabling us to maintain service continuity in product testing, quality verificaitonverification and delivery to our customers.

Monrol-UAE’s passion for excellence and commitment to improving people’s health has earned us trust and respect and drives our continued growth and success in the UAE and the GCC.



To pioneer innovation and excellence in radiopharmaceutical production and deliver safe, trusted, high-quality solutions that advance and enhance medical imaging and patient care outcomes in Dubai and beyond.


To be the provider of choice of radiopharmaceuticals in the region, driving advancements in nuclear medicine and enabling healthcare transformation.

Core Values

Integrity, precision, quality, safety, innovation, and compliance with international standards define us. These core values constitute the foundation of our purpose and performance, driving us to deliver on our fundamental responsibility to supply radiopharmaceuticals of the highest efficacy.

Dedicated Team
of Experts:

MONROL UAE’s success is fueled by experienced professionals who are passionate about advancing healthcare through innovation and application. Our scientists, technologists, engineers, and support staff combine their diverse expertise to deliver radiopharmaceutical manufacturing solutions that raise the bar in product quality and performance. Our team’s integrity, dedication, and collaborative spirit integrate into every aspect of our operations, and we are united by a shared vision of enhancing patient care and safety.

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